Olivia vom Drachenberg (Olivia aka Liver-girl) 6/21/99 - 9/12/12


To my Sweet Olivia…

 2007.12.2 Olivia (12)a-003
I know not what your life was like before you came to me   
But this I know and it’s a fact that it was meant to be.

I knew before I met you that you were surely mine
And when you came to greet me, I knew it was the time.

The time for me to take you home and teach you how to play,
The time for you to work out what was getting in your way.

You trembled as I trained you and shook when we would play 
But soon you channeled all of that and even learned to stay.

We took some tests and, sure enough, put letters by your name
They made no sense to you, I know, but showed you played the game.
When we would go to take the tests the people’s heads would turn
To see the beauty in your coat and in your heart they’d learn.

You tried your hand at many things but herding, it was fun
To get those sheep to go each way and always on the run.

You loved it in the spotlight and people sure loved you 
And when you did your demos they loved you through and through.

We traveled cross the country, several times if you recall
But the test we liked the most, was when you were best of all.

So as you aged you always were the beauty of the pack Olivia's Best-13
And you were special in my heart, so just remember that.

As time went on your legs got stiff and it began to show
That your time was winding down and you were getting slow.

The guys that left before you were the leaders of your pack
And I know you surely missed them and wished that they were back.

Your best friend was still around and always by your side
And when your sight got very dim, Miss Kobie was your guide. 

And then, like that, she left you too, in a most traumatic way
So you became the one in charge to calm the rest who stay.

At first you seemed reluctant to be the leader of the rest
But in time you showed us all that you could pass the test.

We went for walks just you and I and you could barely hear
But even so from all these walks are memories I hold near.

You loved to play and have some fun and people came to see Olivia's Best-9
The little girl with attitude who never said “poor me”. 

You were a model for us all ...a leader you became
And even though it was so hard, it wasn’t just a game.

I know you’re safe with your two guys who crossed a bit ago
And they I’m sure were waiting there to show you where to go.

Your generation now is gone, you were the last, you see,
It was a ride I’ll never forget as long as time shall be.

And so my Sweet Olivia, I hold you in my heart
Because I knew that you were mine, for sure, right from the start.

Olivia vom Drachenberg 1999 – 2012
CGC, Therapy Dog, RN 
Schutzhund BH
Herding Instinct Certificate
AKC Companion Dog Excellent
UKC Companion Dog Excellent
PSA TC (2x)
Demo Dog Extraordinaire
And this girl who wouldn’t play tug when she came to me at 2 ½ years old played at agility, loved bitework, herded some sheep, excelled at obedience, titled in rally and dabbled in some tracking.

RIP Sweet Olivia

Olivia birthday